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Robin Lynn Wathen, age 59, if still alive, lives a tragic life most could not imagine here in Kentucky, USA. She has been subjected to the most barbaric medical treatment imaginable. Last time I’d seen her (a few weeks ago) she was living in a small tent downtown Louisville. She has been living on the streets since 2016. She is hesitant about giving the exact location as she has endured atrocities she is not willing to endure again. She said her tent is on an area next to an underpass between 9th & 12th street among some pine trees. Tonight it will get down to 2 degrees F.

She was gainfully employed and had a home three years ago until her Mother whom she was caring for passed away. Her right leg became inflamed – she went to St. Mary’s hospital. They amputated her leg. She did not have diabetes. She was denied disability by both her employer, Cafe Press, and the Social Security Administration disability office here in Louisville, Kentucky. She said she had an attorney who is “working on it”. She states she had other items in a backpack that some kids had stolen. No cell phone.

She is able to get from the underpass downtown, via wheelchair, to the bus stop where she catches a bus to her doctor’s appointments and the laundromat, traveling 20 miles or so each day via bus.

Robin is now a double amputee, the 2nd leg cut off recently. They keep cutting off more – she states they’re telling her it’s a “protein” problem. I did see both legs were removed. The first surgery looked like she’d had her leg sawed off with a dull edged knife, leaving it jagged and raw, looking much like a shark bite – they bought her back to clean it up a little. She was kept in a rehab for a few weeks then released back onto the streets. The latest amputation was by Dr. Ferenc Nagy, a vascular surgeon who has an office on Abraham Flexner Way and practices out of Norton Hospital. Her Primary Care Physician is Dr. Osawaru Omoruyi, MD,MBA,CMD, who is prescribing Hydrocodone and Clonidine among other painkillers, then releases her out to catch her bus back onto the streets. Classic, criminal patient dumping and mutilation which is condoned, encouraged and accepted here in Jefferson County, Kentucky under the rule of our Mayor Fischer, Passport Health and Kentucky One Health.

I asked her if she would like housing and she began to cry and nodded her head. But she can smile and has a bright, cheery, positive affect. She said she’s refused to go to the shelters now as she is assaulted, bullied and robbed. Sometimes by staff, sometimes by medical personnel, sometimes by clients, sometimes by other homeless people on the streets. I do frequently see LMPD drive by her. While I was there talking with her a few cars stopped to give whatever they could (change, hygiene packs, gift cards for fast food, etc….) which I did run over to get and gave these to her. Obviously other than a safe place to live, adequate healthcare, to be free from bullying and to be pain-free, it would probably help Robin immensely to have someone stand with her so she can accept what others offer. Although I am told there are many places that can help Robin, we’ve not been able to connect with any. She has communication challenges as do I.

She said the ladies from her church did fix her hair and dyed it black for her and she is thrilled with the warm carhart jacket someone gave her. I gave her my marine air horn which I keep to call Pancake, my dog, when we are out in the woods (and to deter people from attempting to pet her while we are in stores – it does make a lasting impression).

Robin has one older sister. She said they do not communicate.

We tried hooking up Pancake to the wheelchair to help her with additional horsepower as uphill wheeling is challenging for her however there is nowhere to hook the leash in the center of the chair. Her hands are not strong enough to hold the leash and she needs both to steer. I pray they let her keep her hands.

UPDATE: On February 6 2019 after speaking with the Starbucks on Hurstbourne, they did indicate Robin is still with us. Thanks to the Starbucks employees there for keeping an eye out for her. I would mention all your names but y’all spoke too fast for me to understand what you’d said other than she’s still around and smiling. Much appreciated!


UPDATE: 9,4,2019 – We saw Robin again this week – she did not want her photo taken. Her left leg is now cut off well above the knee. It is swollen and fluid filled. She still has a some of her right leg below her knee. I asked her if she’s been in contact with her family and she said she was not. I asked her if they were aware of her current situation and she simply said, “well, you know how you don’t tell your family everything”. She said she is currently going to Frasier Rehab – she said they are getting her smaller wheelchairs to accommodate her body. Pray for Robin. I’m sure that will help.

We still could not figure out how to get her into my car to bring her here. We are, after all, somewhat “slow”.

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